More Bitcoins/Cryptos

If you feel VeryClix is not enough and you want even more Bitcoins, you can try these.

Most of these programs have our referral links. By signing up through them you will mechanically get a share of the revenue we get since we pool everything into VeryClix.

Our very own techniques

As we go, we will share our best tips and tricks to earn Cryptos like a pro!

Check this one first: “A neat trick to make BeanCash (and thus money) even while you sleep!”

Buying Bitcoins

You can exchange any Coin for Bitcoins but if you want to buy some straight from fiat currencies (USD, EUR etc.) the best place to do so is Coinbase (PS: by using our link you get $10 free worth of Bitcoins).

Bitcoins for free

Maybe the most famous faucet out there. You decide when you claim.

Earn by clicking on ads.

This faucet has a dice game and even pays you daily interests on your balance!

We won’t get any referral earnings from this one but they pay really well we decided to list it anyway.

Bitcoins for playing

More and more of this new kind of faucets are popping up. They are basically games that reward you with Bitcoins or other Cryptos. Soon we will add detailed tips and tricks for each game!

febbitA very cool game (simulated mining operation), retro-8bits style! It also has an awesome referral program where you earn 3 levels down!!

A crypto game where you grow you level and mine to earn more and more. Automated mining, no CPU usage!

A faucet mining-operation style.

Earn bitcoins just for collecting spinners.

Bitcoins for gambling

Gambling has risks but can bring big returns too with some luck.

Very famous dice game. They have a faucet so you can try for no risk.

A neat little game. They have a faucet too.

Another dice game but with many coins, not just Bitcoins.

Other coins